Flappy Birds – tap, fly and.. try again

flappy bird erapid games review

Flappy Birds – game review

While most people play video games to relax, there are some which want to be challenged by the content in a video game. However, since the gaming industry tries to make games that are easier in order to draw the attention of more people, only a few titles don’t fear to bring a challenging gameplay that requires a lot of trial and error.

Games like The Impossible Game and Super Meat Boy have paved the path for Flappy Bird, a fun, yet cruel game in which your only objective is to get the highest score.

The game is very simplistic, but that’s not a problem, as the whole experience relies on the fact that you need to tap on your phone at the exact time. You control the bird, and it has to go through a world that is heavily inspired by the Mario games.

flappy bird erapid games review

Your bird will have to avoid the pipes in order to get as further as possible, but these are randomly positioned so you need to be very careful at all times, which is really important if you want to achieve a high score.

There is no difficulty level to select, as Flappy Bird is very hard right from the start. On top of that, there isn’t any learning curve, although after some time you get better at figuring out the distance between the pipes, something that will help you get further into the game.

Everything this game is done with a minimalistic touch. The graphics are in the 8-bit style, inspired by Mario, and the backgrounds are way too simplistic. Even after you die, you will receive only your current score as well as your all-time best score.

However, the Flappy Bird experience is more around learning the mechanic and always trying to push the boundaries. There aren’t any unlocks in the game, or anything to keep you playing, other than the desire to gain a better score.

flappy birds e-rapid games review

However, there isn’t any reward if you get a very high score, other than showing it to you. You won’t find multiple backgrounds, different birds or anything else that you can switch to, instead the gameplay remains the same at all time, with a randomized set of pipes so you can’t learn a certain pattern that might arise.

Despite failing to innovate, this game is quite fun to play in short bursts, although its high difficulty levels might certainly put some people off. Still, if you want to play something that challenges you, even if you do that for only 5 minutes, then Flappy Bird is a very good choice.

Flappy Bird has a great design choice, and the fact it’s easy to get in to, but very hard to master certainly makes it appealing. You won’t play it in very long bursts, as it can get really annoying quickly, but when you do, it will certainly challenge you!

e-Rapid Games Rate: 8/10