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Flappy Lift – Game Review

When it comes to endurance games, Flappy Bird is by far one of the most impressive ones released lately. While it doesn’t bring anything out of the ordinary other than a very hard gameplay and a simplistic setting, that game successfully manages to show that simple, fun gameplay can really make such a title a success.

Flappy Lift is a title similar to the aforementioned game, although in this situation you will have to move a lift up or down in order to gain the higher score.

The challenge here comes from the fact that you need to tap multiple times in order to allow your life to gain altitude, and also use the brake function to help your lift stop. While this might be really simple at first, if you add the fact that all these actions need to be perform in a designated timeline, then you can immediately see that you are up for a challenge.

Overall, the gameplay in Flappy Lift is like the one in Flappy Bird, so it’s very basic and without anything to stand out. However, it does manage to deliver quite a lot of fun and you will certainly enjoy the title as you try to gain higher and higher scores. The neat thing here is that the more you play, the better the game gets as your customers will require you even more challenging variations of ascensions or they will require you to descend to random floors. All of these simple gameplay twists add a lot of life to the overall experience, something that is really fun indeed.

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We enjoyed the fact that the graphics in this game remain minimalistic, as in our opinion they provide a lot of charm to the title. Actually the graphics seem to be hand drawn, which is to be expected since the emphasis here is on the gameplay itself. Sound-wise the game isn’t any different, as it comes with some very simple sounds and that’s it.

Despite the minimalist aspect of the title, it does manage to bring quite a lot of interesting situations. Going from one floor to another is challenging and the more you try, the more you get accustomed to it. There isn’t any end to the whole experience, instead you need to make as many points as possible before the game ends, and that’s it.

All in all, we think that Flappy Lift is a very entertaining game. Sure, it doesn’t look like much and it doesn’t have the fancy graphics that other games provide, instead it brings you a one of a kind gameplay that you will certainly enjoy. If you are a fan of skill based games and want to try something new, then Flappy Lift is right up your alley!

e-Rapid Games rate: 6.5/10

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