Flashout 2S comes to Google Play

Flashout 2S erapid games news

Flashout is a great series of racers that has a very interesting and exciting gameplay as well as a sci-fi theme to it all as well. In this series you can check out numerous fast ships and use them in order to defeat your competition.

Flashout 2S brings the 3D racing to Android once more and this time it also offers a career mode as well as numerous improvements when compared to the other titles, especially when it comes to steering, the AI and physics, amongst many others.

Flashout 2S erapid games news

Of course, Flashout 2S also manages to introduce some interesting things such as a wonderful online multiplayer that’s very appealing and demanding at the same time, but it also provides versus, elimination as well as destruction modes that you can access as you see fit.

In addition, Flashout 2S comes with 10 different circuits and the fact that it still maintains the great quality is surely a sign to how fun the title really is. The visual effects also get a makeover and you do get the usual stuff that includes vibrations, social media integration and other unique stuff that you are bound to appreciate from this game.

Flashout 2S erapid games news

You can upgrade the ships if you want, and you also get some nice challenges too, so Flashout 2S is the complete futuristic racing package that you would always want by your side. Flashout 2S is surely a nicely designed game with lots of interesting and appealing things, so in the end you can rest assured that once you install it you will have a ton of fun.

The game is free on Google Play, with embedded in-app purchases and it provides you with a ton of fun. Don’t hesitate and check the game out, it’s a fun and exciting one to play!