Fortress Fury – Defence or Death

Fortress Fury erapid games review

Fortress Fury – Games Review

Put your engineering skills to test and challenge other players to “test the structural soundness” of your impenetrable fortress in this fun-filled free to play strategy game, Fortress Fury!

To begin playing, you’ll have to wait for the game to load, which is kind of slow if you ask me. Once the game is up and running, you will first need to renovate your basic fortress by the addition of various types of weapons. There are 4 types of weapons which will be unlocked as you craft them, such as catapult, ballistae, dragon fire and lightning storm. You add weapons by dragging them from the weapon tab to the fortress to place them.

To increase your defence, you can add magical powers to further protect your weapons via the support tab. There are 3 support spells that you can use namely mystic shield, slow time and null magic. These spells will add another layer of defence for your fortress. In addition, in the special tab, there is even a core tile that you’ll need to place in the safest place of your castle because it is what wins and loses game.

Fortress Fury erapid games review

It’s important to hide and reinforce the core’s location, so you’ll need to pile blocks on top of it to “bury” your core, making it harder to penetrate! There are many types of blocks that you can place, including metal blocks like brass and copper, wood tiles, and stone bricks. Some are stronger than the others, but all are limited by the amount of tiles you have or are able to craft. Furthermore, as you are placing blocks, you should bear in mind that all blocks need to be connected to the base. Also, just pinch to zoom in (or out) if you need to get a better look at your fortress.

For faster building, you can tap and hold to enter paint mode. In this mode, you can easily “paint” parts of your fortress in the type of bricks you want. You can also replace blocks by placing a new one over the old one. To remove unwanted blocks, you can simply use the eraser tool located in the bottom left corner. Lastly, don’t forget to save!

Now, it’s time to put your “impenetrable” fortress to the test! To start, you’ll be given 3 choices – practice, slay friend or competitive auto-match. After you have made your choice, you will see your base and the enemy’s base. Tap on a siege engine, drag backwards in order to aim and launch stones at your enemy’s fortress! Moreover, everyone has a free, invulnerable archer in front of their fortresses that you can control like your weapons. Every 60 seconds they evolve and get stronger, and it takes 4 minutes to reach their final form.

Fortress Fury erapid games review

Winning earns you resources, which allows you to craft more powerful weapons and bricks. Crafting items using alchemy takes time, but you needn’t worry as energy crystals can speed the process up! Though, if you want more crystals, you may need to eventually shell out some real cash. You can also improve your current weapons via crafting by choosing the stats you want to upgrade, like hit points, physical and magical damage, tower limit and many others! There is even a leaderboard that shows your standing and achievements for you to strive for!

In short, Fortress Fury is an interesting take on the classic puzzle game by adding the element of castle building. The player base is rather huge and you’ll always find someone who is up for a challenge at any time of the day! Do give it a go!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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