Freaky Dragon – is it better than flappy bird?

freaky dragon erapid games review

Freaky Dragon – Game Review

Skill games are always a ton of fun because they allow us to actually test how good we are at playing. Freaky Dragon is a title that’s specifically created to test you beyond your utmost limits as you try to guide a cute dragon through an endless cave.

The game starts off quite easily, with you controlling the dragon through the cave. However, soon a lot of obstacles such as rock formations will appear, which will basically require you to move the dragon upwards or downwards in order to avoid them. The main problem here is that the controls are a little awkward, because sometimes they respond too fast, otherwise they are to slow, so they do lack consistency, which is vital for a game in this genre.

Your main goal will be to get as further as possible through a large maze. What’s quite interesting here is that you will encounter numerous enemies and lots of large obstacles so the game does become challenging very fast. It’s also important to note that each game session requires quite a lot of commitment from you as you have to collect as many dragon eggs as possible, while also having to get as far as possible.

This endless running game is really fun since it successfully combines adventure, lots of action and some fun reflexes into a great package that you will certainly enjoy.

freaky dragon erapid games review

Dodging the large amount of obstacles in the game is quite easy, but if you do manage to encounter enemies or you want to destroy various items in the game then you just have to fire by tapping on the left side.

The tap system is also quite interesting. If you tap on the left side you fire, while tapping on the right side of the screen will make your dragon to fly. The idea is to tap at the necessary time, otherwise all of this will be in vain.

Freaky Dragon is a game for all ages which comes with a simple premise, but the results are more than likely to pay off in the end.  The fantasy environment is really nice, although some might argue that the backgrounds are a little basic. However, the game does bring some nice visuals and it seamlessly combines them with some engaging music that does stand out as being very suitable for the game theme.

In the end, Freaky Dragon is a good time waster for all ages. We do like the way it’s constructed, but it does have some issues. The animations are a little stiff and that makes the game feel unfinished, which is a bad thing. Despite that, if you do like challenges, this title will certainly justify the time you spend playing it, so we do recommend that you give it a shot, after all it’s available free of charge.

e-Rapid Games rate: 7/10

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