Fuzzy Critters: Cross the Road – Animals in Danger

Fuzzy Critters erapid games review

Fuzzy Critters: Cross the Road – Games Review

Oh no! The baby animals are lost in the dangerous urban areas of the city and it is up to you, the mommy animal, to save them and lead these fuzzy critters home!

To do so, you’ll merely need to guide the mommy animal by swiping the direction that it should hop to. Help her find her children and bring all the adorable baby animals together in one long conga line. Sometimes, the baby animals are hidden from view due to an obstacle, but the game helpfully points out the location of the baby animal with a white arrow indicator. If you can manage it, don’t forget to collect FC coins along the way. These coins are needed to purchase lottery tickets (100 FC coins per ticket) for a chance of winning boosters or even, if you’re really lucky, a new yet equally adorable mommy character! You can get more FC coins by watching advert videos too.

Sounds easy enough? Well, wait until you see the various obstacles that Fuzzy Critters: Cross the Road has to offer! Anything that seem solid enough in the game will block the path of the mother animal can turn the poor mommy animal into animal meat. Sometimes, these obstacles can also move, such as a slow moving vehicle. Also, be sure to turn back before you reach the edge of the map. If not, your mommy animal will fall off the edge of the map to her death. Furthermore, you should make sure you don’t double back and smash right into your congo line of baby animals as well. If your mommy animal smashed into anything, she’ll die and the game will be over.

fuzzy critters erapid games review

Each level in this game provides up to 3 stars for you to earn and these stars are awarded depending on how fast you complete the level. If you’re not satisfied with the number of stars you get, you can always replay the previous levels to get more stars. Moreover, the game currently has only 2 worlds (with 1 more world coming soon), but each world has plenty of levels (10 to be precise). Considering that each level is rather challenging, you’ll definitely be replaying each level plenty of times.

So, now that you have a sizeable number of FC coins, you can try your luck at the lottery tickets and see what you’ve won! Sometimes, you may get boosters (called scissors), while other times, you might get a new mommy character. Scissors can be used in-game to help you by snipping off the long chain behind your mother character as she rounds up her young. This is to ensure that your mommy animal won’t accidentally hop right into (and flattening) the chain of little baby animals behind her.

Fuzzy Critters erapid games review

Fuzzy Critter: Cross the Road offers plenty of adorably voxel-based animals including bunny, frog, pig, cat, hippo and so much more (there are up to 22 animals in total that you can collect)! Out of these 22 animals, 2 are provided for free right off the bat, while there’s 1 more kind-of free character that you can by linking your Facebook to the app. The rest of the characters are real cash only, but it’s nice to see the developers made these characters available for free-to-play players via the lottery tickets, albeit at a very low chance.

In short, Fuzzy Critter: Cross the Road is a fun reflex-based action/puzzle game that is based off the old Nokia game, Snake. If you crave for an old school game, this is definitely one game you won’t want to miss! Try it now!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8.5/10