Galaxy on Fire Alliances receives a large update that is called Disrupting the Nebula

Galaxy on Fire Alliances erapid games news

Galaxy on Fire Alliances is a fun little MMO with the action set in space, and since its launch the game has managed to provide us with quite an interesting turn of events. The title has managed to gather a lot of attention online, and it seems that thanks to that numerous updates were released in the past months.

Galaxy on Fire Alliances erapid games news

Recently, we received the patch 1.12, which is called Disrupting the Nebula. This new patch brings a new spy system, as well as a new range of round battles on the servers you want. At the same time, the update also provides a neat tactical sector grid layout, but it also adds a new chat system and a push notification system that you can use to team up with alliance members whenever you want to enter a combat session.

Disrupting the Nebula is a massive update that has actually overhauled the game significantly. In addition to that, the update on its own is quite large, as it manages to bring a ton of content with it. Sure, the update focuses on making the interface more user friendly and it streamlines the interface quite a lot, but in the end this is to be expected. What’s nice to see here is the addition of a server that was designed specifically for the Android platform, a server that manages to improve the overall experience quite a lot in our opinion.

Galaxy on Fire Alliances erapid games news

Does this new update impact the game significantly? It does add some new things into the game, but these are focused mostly on making the game a lot more addictive, the core experience remains the same. Still, Galaxy on Fire Alliances is even better with this new update, so we encourage you to check out this interesting MMO if you didn’t already, it’s free on Google Play and the new update is fully included in it.

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