Galaxy Online 3 receives an Android version

Galaxy Online 3 erapid games news

Galaxy Online 3 is a great browser based game, but for quite some time IGG has been trying to make it an Android game as well. It seems that time is upon us, because now we have the opportunity to play this astounding game in any way we want.

What we think it’s the best thing about this game is definitely the fact that it allows you to enjoy the ability of colonizing a planet and customizing it according to your needs. You will need to deal with a wide range of problems, such as other enemies that try to engage yourself as well as various attacks from aliens, but the game does manage to provide a unique insight into the way an actual spaceship manager would actually be.

Galaxy Online 3 erapid games news

The game is different from other similar fashion titles. It’s filled with unique missions, such as the ability to recruit captains and customize their skills in order to gain the upper hand in battle. Moreover, you can also try to create killer fleets that will allow you to hunt down pirates and create your own economy.

Galaxy Online 3 keeps the custom ship designing that was one of the best things in this game’s browser version, but it also allows us to defend the base and gather as many resource as possible. Technological advancements are a possibility, of course, as only through them can you achieve better results against the enemies.

Galaxy Online 3 erapid games news

The mobile version comes with upgraded graphics, better effects and it even includes a variety of new, intricate stuff as well.

You can download Galaxy Online 3 right now from Google Play and enjoy it for as long as you want. The game does offer in-app purchases but it’s free to play so you are not required to pay anything unless you want to. You can get Galaxy Online 3 from the link below:

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