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Game of Thrones erapid games review

Game of Thrones – Games Review

We all know Telltale for being a developer that manages to create some impressive and highly interactive adventure games, but with Game of Thrones they clearly hit the jackpot. This movie franchise has gained millions of followers, and being able to control as well as talk with the favorite characters is something that many people want to do.

Capturing the amazing world of the game show in the form of a game is quite hard, and this is why Telltale had numerous challenges to overcome. Sure, there are a few problems that still remain after the release of the first episode, but as the title closes to a full release of all the six episodes, they will definitely get rid of the annoying bugs.

Game of Thrones erapid games review

The story in Game of Thrones is related to the events that take place during the War of the Five Kings. Just like in the TV show, the Game of Thrones adventure game is filled with intrigues, horror, warfare and other impressive things that made the show such a hit in the first place.

Game of Thrones places a major role on the interactions that you have with the other characters that you can find in the game world. There are puzzles in the game, but these don’t really make a difference. However, those that are included here are neatly designed and very interactive, so using these is a sheer delight, which is great.

There are three storylines that you can follow in the first episode, and all of them are intriguing. Sure, not all of them seem to provide the same amount of quality, but it’s certainly a plus that the episode finishes up with a whole new set of stories that open up. This is an incentive to play the other episodes, and a great way to promote the product, but it also manages to make you want more of this experience!

Graphically, Game of Thrones isn’t that impressive, as it uses the same game engine as the other Telltale games, so it feels a little dated. Still, the characters look good and the game world is fun to explore that the deprecated graphics don’t take that much from the overall experience.

Game of Thrones erapid games review

Sound-wise, Game of Thrones sits quite well, since it manages to bring a wide range of musical tracks that make the experience feel alive and immersive. However, the voice acting is stellar and this is one of the things that make this adventure game feel like the TV show in many aspects.

In conclusion, Game of Thrones is a great adventure game, and it’s a must buy if you are a fan of the show. If you’re not, then you might want to give it a shot after the other episodes are released, since the first episode is rather short!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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