Gamevil launches Mark of the Dragon

mark of the dragon erapid games news

Dragon games are quite fun, especially if you command your dragon during combat, but breeding them can be just as fun. Mark of the Dragon is a new game launched by Gamevil recently in which you need to raise a troop of dragons whose main purpose is to defeat all enemies.

Mark of the Dragon brings multiple genres into a single one. First of all, it’s an RPG and RPG, but it even includes some neat city building ideas that make it very fun.

mark of the dragon erapid games news

You will use dragons to defeat your enemies and gain resources, which in their turn can be used to purchase new buildings and so on. Mark of the Dragon is even set to deliver some very good bosses whose main purpose is to defeat you once and for all. However, all dragons come with their own unique sets of abilities, each one having a different one to ensure replayability.

The game will bring no less than 70 different objective, as well as a common goal which is to defeat Morgon the evil sorcerer.

Players can easily steal resources from one another just by infiltrating their location. Of course, this can be done both in multiplayer and singleplayer.

If you play the game a lot, then most likely you will gain achievements, which in the end will provide you with some one of a kind, exclusive rewards.

mark of the dragon erapid games news

The game even allows you to create guilds and compete within them at your own pace, a refreshing and very interesting change that you can make.

Mark of the Dragon is a very good game that mixes multiple genres and it manages to shine in all of them. It has just been launched on Google Play and now you can get it for free.

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