Gather the bacteria and win the level in Bacteris

We’ve seen countless puzzle and arcade games focus on ideas that are funny and colorful, but only a select few thing about the grittiness and uniqueness of the genre. This is what makes Bacteris so interesting and exciting, the fact that it comes with a rather simple premise, which is accumulating bacteria over time, and then it just enriches your gameplay experience quite a lot.

The way Bacteris manages to do this is by adding the idea that you need to protect your body against the bacteria by having a larger number of cells. Similar to the Galcon games, Bacteris actually takes place in our bodies and it has a very large number of things going in its favor.

Bacteris erapid games news

The visual design in this game is rather stunning and because of that you will surely be amazed by the outcome. Not only that, but in this game you also seem to find a multitude of unique gameplay ideas and strategies as well, which seamlessly combine in order to determine you get the best possible results.

Control the bacteria on a level, and you will go to the next. Do so, and you will find the next one as well! Bacteris manages to bring you challenges more and more as you play, and because of that it’s one of the few games that actually has a meaning, which is to protect your body. I have to say that Bacteris is a great title with lots of stuff to bring for you, and at the same time there are many levels to master.

Bacteris erapid games news

We encourage you to check out this game, it’s free to install and you can unlock the full game via an IAP of just $1.99. Check it out!

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