Get Birds – now it is time to kill birds

get birds erapid games review

Get Birds – Game Review

Your owner’s apple tree has produced the most succulent apples you’ve ever seen, but before your owner could get back and harvest his apples, a huge flock of birds have already set their sights on those delicious-looking apples. Being a cat, the natural predator of birds, you cannot just stand by and do nothing! With the help of a fellow feline, you aim to stop those pesky birds from getting to the fruits of your owner’s labour!

Get Birds, developed by Studio EZ for the Android and iOS platforms, is a simple arcade game whereby you must keep the fruits on the tree from the invading birds. The game is completely free to play (there are no in-app purchases) with a smattering of adverts.

get birds erapid games review
The controls in this game are fairly easy to learn but can be really tough to master. In Get Birds, you will control both black cats, one of which is on a hot air balloon moving up and downwards, while the other is on the ground running left and right. Once the game commences, the cat in the hot air balloon will automatically shoot arrows, like a fully automated machinegun, at the incoming wave of birds. You will need to use your left finger to move the cat up and down to try to hit as many birds as you can.

Any birds that are hit will turn into bird meat and drop to the ground. It is up to the cat on the ground, or more accurately, your right finger, to ensure that the bird meat goes into the basket on its back and not onto the ground. If you intend to play the game to win, bear in mind that only the meat that ended up in the basket will contribute to your final score!

The objective in the game, however, is not only about how much bird meat you can get – It is also about how long can you keep the birds away from the 5 delicious red apples hanging on the tree. Once all 5 apples are eaten, you’ll lose the game and will have to start over.

get birds erapid games review

Furthermore, the game will automatically compare your score with other fellow players in Get Birds worldwide and will rank you according to which percentile you ended up in. You can also compete with your friends to see who has the highest score in this game and if that awesome person is, of course, you, well, why not share your high score on Facebook or other social networks to rub your victory in a little deeper? After all, I’m pretty sure you deserved it!

In short, Get Birds is an excellent and fun arcade game to pass the time while training your brain to be able to focus on doing 2 things at the same time (multitask). As this is a newly released mobile game, there aren’t many downloads yet. However, this is the most opportune time for you to get your high score in before the masses! Try it today!

e-Rapid Games rate: 5/10

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