A new Goat Simulator mobile update will be released in the beginning of 2015

Goat Simulator erapid games news

We all loved Goat Simulator when it came out in the middle of 2014, and the opportunity to play this game on mobile was just a sheer delight. Thankfully, it seems that the gamers are in for a treat, since the developers are working hard on preparing a new major update for the game.

The update is set to be released sometimes in January or February 2015, so it isn’t far off, and it seems to include content that is already available in the normal version of Goat Simulator that you can find on PC. However, the mobile brethren didn’t have the opportunity to try out these features until now, so they are definitely welcome!

Goat Simulator erapid games news

The developers behind Goat Simulator state that transforming the whole levels they want to add in the mobile version was a challenge, so they ended up to start everything from scratch in order to make the mobile version as optimized as possible. The whole process of testing, creating and optimizing the game has taken a lot of time, and this is why Goat Simulator’s new mobile update is taking a little longer than expected.

Goat Simulator’s new version will bring a whole new level in the form of Goat City Bay, as well as a new set of goats that you can play as while roaming the game world.

Goat Simulator erapid games news

Interestingly enough, the developers are working hard to create a bug-free update, even though Goat Simulator is all about glitches and bugs that our goat can take full advantage of. The game is very fun, and we can only assume that with the release of a new level and more goats that Goat Simulator will become an even better and more appealing experience!

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