Goat Simulator receives a new update with a lickable helicopter and a new city

Ah, Goat Simulator! This is one of those games that appeared just out of nowhere last year and it immediately became a huge hit on all platforms, Android included.

The best thing here is that since its release, the Goat Simulator game has receive a wide range of updates that expanded the experience and right now we can celebrate the launch of a new update which does provide us with a ton of interesting stuff.

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First of all, Goat Simulator’s new and juicy update will bring us a one of a kind introduction to the Goat City Bay, a new city. As the name suggests, the region is mostly filled with beaches and similar areas, which means that there’s a lot of fun to be had. It seems that the goat can even swim, at least for a little while, something that you will laugh about a lot.

Another let’s say interesting addition to the Goat Simulator experience are the pigs that you will like for sure. These pigs seem to be stuck in various regions, and while they might not be easy to interact with, you will like them for sure.

goat simulator erapid games news

And, as if that wasn’t enough to begin with, Goat Simulator’s new update brings you a lickable helicopter. Yes, we actually get to lick a helicopter which is fully functioning, so in a strange way we can fly now. Goat Simulator also brings new interesting updates now as well such as a much better set of water physics, as well as a much needed Japanese and Russian localization, with the title fixing a black screen bug that has appeared on a few devices.

Goat Simulator’s new update is interesting for sure and you are bound to like the game a lot. Goat Simulator is filled with just about everything you need right now, so if you were on the fence when it comes to trying the game, now you have the perfect experience so check it out!

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