GoatZ expansion for Goat Simulator coming this week

goatz erapid games news

Goat Simulator has been a critically acclaimed success, and after the MMO expansion, the title is heading to the underworld, or so it seems. With GoatZ, Goat Simulator comes into the survival aspect, and it provides you with a fully-fledged sandbox world that you can peruse as you see fit.

There are also a few other additions that come with GoatZ, one of the major ones being crafting. We don’t know how important this might be when zombies come your way and you need to regroup, but just talking the role of a goat as you try to defeat a wide range of enemies whose sole purpose is to kill you is one of the very exciting things to do here!

goatz erapid games news

You can’t find more details other than the ones that are already here, but what you do need to know right now is that the bugs are still there, and all the other stuff that you would expect from a Goat Simulator mobile game is available, so you will surely appreciate the outcome. It’s very nice to see how the game expands more and more, but we do have to say that a zombie themed DLC is far from what many figured out for the series.

It’s hard to say if this is an evolution or not, but having a singleplayer themed expansion with goats and zombies is more than you could ever want to experience! Unlike the previous expansion, this one actually comes with a mobile version, so do prepare for a zombie nightmare on your phone in just a few days. You can check out a trailer for the game below: