Godfire Rise of Prometheus now available on Google Play

Godfire Rise of Prometheus erapid games news

From time to time, we get to experience a title that’s set to be the game changer, that sets new standards on the consoles or mobile devices, and for some reason, it will remain a classic in the hearts of many. Godfire Rise of Prometheus is such a game, mainly because it allows you to take full advantage of the awesome processing power that your mobile device has and use it in the best possible way as you defeat powerful enemies or even epic bosses.

Godfire Rise of Prometheus erapid games news

Godfire Rise of Prometheus is mainly a hack and slash title but its power comes from the fact that it allows you to explore a fully interactive, stunningly created world where everything is right under your fingertips. The combat in Godfire Rise of Prometheus is dynamic, and overall you get the feeling of battling all your enemies under a certain purpose. Godfire Rise of Prometheus comes with an amazing story, one that spans over millennia and which shows you the progress of the human race in the future.

The boss battles that you can encounter in Godfire Rise of Prometheus are some of the best you can see in a mobile game, mainly because these bosses, pretty much like any other enemy in the game, are unpredictable and fun to combat with.

Of course, Godfire Rise of Prometheus has a neat set of next generation bosses, which allowed the developers to depict some insane locations up to the most impressive detail. On top of that, there’s the great exploration that you can perform in Godfire Rise of Prometheus, which will allow you to spend hours upon hours of fun and excitement!

Godfire Rise of Prometheus erapid games news

Godfire Rise of Prometheus has been released on the 4th of December and you can grab it right now from Google Play. It requires quite a powerful phone or tablet to run, so do make sure to check the system req first!

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