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godus erapid games review

Godus – Games Review

Besides the stunning cartoony graphics, Godus sets itself apart from other god games with its interesting touch-based sculpting feature. In this game, you have to level off stepped lands by sculpting so that you have plots for your tiny followers to build on. Instead of ordering your followers to build abodes (houses), you can only inspire them to build. Which plot will they build on? Well, that’s up to your followers to decide!

Godus is an awesome game that you can play for hours on end, despite having a belief system in place. Belief works, in a small way, similar to ‘energy or life’ in other games and is needed when you are sculpting grassy, underwater or mountainous areas. However, belief can be easily harvested from the abodes of your followers, particularly when you have plenty of them, and is not much of a hindrance for long hours of play.

godus erapid games review

As you progress, you will be able to group your abodes together into settlements, which produce a limited number of skill-specialised workers, like farmers and builders. You can also use your power of god to nurture your civilization by building a statue or spontaneously growing trees, which boost belief production for each house that lies within its area of influence; or to destroy by striking your followers’ abodes down with your wrath to make way for some other structures, like farms.

Furthermore, you could also sculpt lands to uncover hidden chests (some chests can be rather tricky to get to) that contain a sticker each. These stickers, when accumulated, can be used to activate new cards – Cards are like different stages in the tech tree of your civilization and can unlock some pretty sweet features, like setting up settlements, and powers when activated. Chests respawn somewhat randomly over time, so you don’t have to worry about running out of chests to get your free stickers.

However, if getting stickers from chests is not fast enough for you, you could send your followers out on voyages to earn more stickers! There are a chain of islands that you can visit on your voyage and each island has a puzzle on it. Sculpt the land to get your all 5 of your villagers to the temple to complete the stage. But, to earn a high score, you will need to minimise your belief use while sculpting and complete the stage within the shortest period of time. The higher score you get, the better/more stickers you’ll earn!

godus erapid games review

Nonetheless, due to the intricacies needed in this game, using fingers to both sculpt, to move or rotate the camera view and to zoom in or out (you’ll need 2 fingers for the latter 2) can be rather clumsy. Most of the time, you’ll be accidentally sculpting when you meant to move to another part of your land. It can get rather frustrating at times. There are also the rival Astari tribe that will seduce your followers to abandon you if the happiness is low. This causes you to lose belief. They don’t do much other than that though. There is currently 1 homeworld, but more homeworlds may be on the horizon!

Godus is a beautifully-rendered god game with elements of card- and sticker-collecting that you must try out, especially if you like this sort of games. It has adorable graphics and nice game mechanics as well as offering absolute freedom to sculpt the land (after you’ve unlocked and activated all sculpting cards)! Do give it a go, it’s free-to-play after all!

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