Gold Miner – simple way to the richness

gold miner erapid games review

Gold Miner – Game Review

Some of the best arcade games of the last few decades are certainly Gold Miner and a few others that manage to bring some exciting gameplay and make it addictive enough even without great graphics.

The new Gold Miner from Mobistar brings the original gameplay of the famed game and takes it to a whole new level with the help of some unique, interesting things that any fans of the original will certainly enjoy. The touch controls of Gold Miner are very good and you literally feel that you help the miner get the gold fast.

gold miner erapid games review

The whole gameplay in Gold Miner relies in you taking control of the claw located under the mine cart as you try to rack up a high score. There are various types of items you can find in the ground, and each one will provide you with a certain score. The gold nuggets are the ones you need to go after, as these usually have a very good score, however you will also have the opportunity to encounter diamonds as well as numerous other items that will make it worthwhile. Each level in the Adventure more has a certain score you need to grab. Fortunately, the game does include a shop which means that the items you can’t get will be accessible here for a certain price.

Things such as added time, bombs, oil, magic books and others can be used in the game to either make the levels last longer or to help you grab the gold from the ground faster. All of these combined can bring you the opportunity to rack up some really high scores, which is indeed really fun.

While the Adventure mode is more about the strategy you imply in the game, the Challenge mode requires you to think fast. There are also level requirements here, but once you reach the designated amount of points you will be immediately switched to the next level, a mechanic that makes the game really intense and unique.

gold miner erapid games review

Alongside gold, you have the opportunity to find lots of treasures in the game world, such as stones, diamonds and even some characters that carry diamonds with them. There’s always something new and exciting happening in each level, and the 60 second time limit will always press you to make the best judgment fast. If by any means you fail a level, you can retry it on and on since there simply aren’t any limitations.

In conclusion, Gold Miner is an exciting arcade game that takes the original idea of the homonym game which appeared on the PC more than a decade ago, but it brings new and exciting elements that transform it into a one of a kind title which is well worth of your attention. If you want some quick gameplay that is rewarding, yet really challenging, then Gold Miner is most probably the best option you have on Android, so check it out!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8.5

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