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The Latest in Wearable Technology-Google Glass!

Have you ever wanted to feel like the Terminator? With everything you need to know displayed right before your eyes? Well, as you might know, Google Glass enables you to do exactly that. Google Glass is a wearable-tech, the latest of its kind. It fits onto your face almost like spectacles enabling you to see into a head-mounted display. The developer, Google, made the device to promote the idea of “internet of things” where computers are enabled to appear anywhere possible. Currently, you can buy the device for a pricey $1500. However, it is only available in Explorer Edition for now, Google has said that the consumer version of the device will priced “close to the average smartphone”.

google glass erapid games blog


The Google Glass easily snaps onto any of the four prescription frames that come with it. The mounted display is located at the top of the right. Moving further right, you will find the camera. There is also a touchpad to the side of the camera. You have a choice of thin, curved, split or bold frames to attach to the main device. Overall, the product is very minimalistic and feels generally light.


The device’s features are such that they make for the Google Glass to be the best personal assistant. On the main screen, you can switch between events, weather, photos, calls, alerts and updates just by swiping the touchpad. You can also download apps to your google glass enabling it to be used for various purposes such as navigation or take notes. The on-board camera also lets you take pictures or record 720P videos.


In the hardware department, the Google Glass does fairly well. Running Android 4.2.2, the latest version of Glass has 2GB RAM, 16GB storage, dual-core OMAP CPU and a 5MP camera. It is also worth mentioning that it uses a prism projector for its display and a bone conduction transducer for sound. It also includes standard connectivity options which include Bluetooth, WiFi and a micro-USB port.

google glass erapid games blog


There are several ways to actually use or play with this device. The primary way to control it is through the touchpad. Alternatively, voice commands can also be used to do almost anything on the device, you can get the device’s attention by saying “O.K, Glass” and then following it with what you would like it to do such as “Take a picture” or “Call Emily”. Google has added support for all of its standard apps G-mail, Maps, Now or Google+. Alongside, there are also third-party apps being released on the Google Glass which even include Evernote and CNN.


While, at $1500, it is not built for the masses right now but with the release of a consumer version later this year, Google Glass does not seem that bad an idea. Like everything else, it is an advancement in making our lives more automated and advanced. Some may criticize it for being too over-the-top but it is a device that can be adapted into daily use.