Gravity Transformer – space running

Gravity Transformer erapid games review

Gravity Transformer – Games Review

For a very long time now, we have strived on the possibility that there might be lives on other planets. Gravity Transformer is a game in the endless running genre that allows us to engage in a wide range of events with the main purpose of reaching the end destination and defeat all the enemies that come in our way.

The main objective in the game is the go through the large path included in the title in order to collect the neon that is scattered all over the place. Just like in most running games, we can jump, slide and perform numerous actions within the game with the simple tilting of our device, as this will help in changing the direction of our character. Our character, in this particular game, is a transformer that comes with some interesting abilities.

Gravity Transformer erapid games review

Actually, there are numerous transformer robots to choose from, each one with different skills that we can use as we try to complete the level.

We liked the fact that you can tilt the device in any direction that you want and the controls are seamless. On top of that, the gravity feeling is very realistic and we found it to be implemented in a very neat and realistic way.

Graphically, Gravity Transformer looks stunning with beautifully designed 3D environments that stand out at just about every corner. We would have liked more diversity in the game, especially from a level design standpoint, but from what we can see the game does look great and it does its job with flying colors, which is very important in the end.

On top of that, the fact that you can upgrade the transformers and imbue their abilities with new strength is the icing on the cake. This particular gameplay method is very efficient and through it you will be able to find a ton of benefits!

Gravity Transformer erapid games review

Gamers can compete with their friends and see if they can match their scores in the leaderboard and Google Plus.  This is a neat mechanic that always makes you come back more and more towards the game. Adding some achievements into the mix is a nice touch in the title, because this adds a lot of replay value. Yes, the game might be repetitive at times, but in the end the environments, controls and realistic physics will create a neat environment that you will certainly enjoy in the end.

To sum up, Gravity Transformer is a standout game that doesn’t improve the genre tremendously, but instead it focuses on creating a wonderful game world where you can relax and test your skills at the same time. It might not be the most impressive endless runner, but it does its job right and it has some neat graphics to boot as well. If you want some action packed fun that’s slightly repetitive at times, then Gravity Transformer is a very good addition to your gaming arsenal!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8.5/10

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