Griddition brings new puzzles to Google Play

Griddition erapid games news

Griddition is one of those games that try to thrive on the widely known formulas. The main idea here is very simple, you get a grid style playing area where you need to fill the grid with numbers.

But the filling process can’t be random, because each of the columns and rows have to give a total number when they are added.

This means that playing on a smaller grid is much easier to play, whereas playing with a larger one will be a lot harder. Being able to combine these numbers in order to acquire the best results is very important, because it will be harder and harder to compete the challenges as time passes.

Griddition erapid games news

Larger numbers will give in even higher challenges, but the ability to cope with these challenges is what makes these games great, which is really nice.

The features list for this one is quite short, but then again this is quite a minimalist game that comes for free, so one can’t really complain at all. You will need to cope with 7 different levels that has specific difficulties which manage to increase exponentially as you play and, maybe the most important thing here is that you also have the ability to change the color scheme which is really nice to be honest since it makes the title a lot more appealing and pleasing as a whole.

Griddition erapid games news

Animations and sound effects are very good, but at the same time you manage to obtain a good focus on the overall gameplay challenges, as these are very appealing and extraordinary all the time.

With Griddition you just can’t go wrong, as this is a great game that offers a lot of potential and great gameplay for free. Just give it a try, it’s a great fit for any puzzle lover!

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