Grim Fandango finally gets released on Google Play

Grim Fandango erapid games news

After a long time in which the developers stated that they will release the Grim Fandango on Android, the title has finally arrived on our favorite platform, and now we can play the revised version of this astounding game on our mobile devices, something that is rather cool and exciting!

What makes this game a cult classic is the simple way it manages to implement the Latin-American beliefs in the afterlife and combine them seamlessly with the idea of having a film noir story. This thing alone makes the whole experience quite dark, yet beautiful.

Grim Fandango erapid games news

So, what do we get on Android? Basically the Grim Fandango that has now appeared on PC, but scaled down for mobile. The game has the original plot and action, the thing that was improved here comes in the form of sounds, controls and looks that have been revamped in order to suit the modern times.

Despite the new look, Grim Fandango plays pretty much the same like the old counterpart, and that’s amazing, because there are many times in which the developers just manage to break the game in order to fix it properly, which is an unfortunate thing.

Grim Fandango erapid games news

The higher resolution does a great job however, and with the game you also get a developer commentary that is very nice and quite amazing in all honesty. With the game you even get a nice set of dynamic lights that do a great job here, as well as more than 2 hours of developer commentary which is pure gold!

If you like adventure games, then this is one game you might not want to miss. We encourage you to give this game a shot, as you will surely fall in love with the great gameplay and other cool stuff that it has lined up here. Check the game at the link below:

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