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Grow Jungle erapid games review

Grow Jungle – Games Review

Are you ready to get your brain twisted around and beaten to pulp? Well, if you think you can handle puzzles, you have yet seen Grow Jungle, a tricky puzzle game which is a part of Eyezmaze’s Grow series.

Based off the old game of the same name, Eyemaze has managed to perhaps create the ultimate puzzle game that is not unsolvable but will take you plenty of trial and errors to get there. What’s more is that the game has absolutely no tutorial! You are left in the dark as to what to do… unless you’ve read the 3-sentenced “how to play” guide provided in the app description or you’ve figured it out yourself after a couple of games.

It’s a very simple game really – simple to learn that is! What you need to do in this game is to tap the panels provided and make things, 3D-shaped objects in this case, grow in the field. The objective in Grow Jungle is to get all the panels’ levels to maximum level. Sounds easy enough? Well, it’s not and let me tell you why!

Grow Jungle erapid games review

Every object you place in the field will level up those objects already there on the field. The placement is fixed, so you won’t be able to move the objects around, but the order in which to place the objects isn’t. This also means that the order of placement of the 6 objects will produce different outcomes.

Sometimes, the outcome may not be friendly at all. For instance, if you place the cone then the cylinder, the cylinder will be slashed into half by the levelled up cone. Furthermore, if you place the oval too early, it will sprout mechanical claws and grab the circle right after you place the circle. This is why you’ll have to think carefully about how each level of the shapes interact with each other and come up with a solid order of object placement so that the cute 3D shapes will not be able to fight one another. This can be a very frustrating game as well since it requires plenty of trial and error in order to get it right, but with patience and some good thinking, you’ll get to the solution soon enough!

Grow Jungle erapid games review

One of the best parts in the game, besides the very interesting puzzle, is the cuteness of its 3D-shaped characters. Watch in amazement as the inanimate 3D shapes you placed on the field jump into life and grow! In the case of the cube, it even sprouts offsprings – little cubes – of its own! Furthermore, the game is accompanied by a pleasant yet quirky music that seems perfectly suited to the game.

In short, Grow Jungle may seem to be a simplistic childish puzzle game, but don’t be fooled by its appearance. This is definitely a game that both kids and adults can enjoy and who knows? Maybe the kid will beat you to the solution! This is the perfect game for puzzle fans, who are looking for a true challenge and test of their patience!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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