GTA V Easter Egg Tutorial Guide

GTA V 5 erapid video

It finally happened! Since November, 18th we can enjoy GTA V on PS4 and XBOX ONE. This is a great news, although we had to wait more than a year to make it happen 😉

Anyway, GTA V is in stocks now and it offers a great deal of fun. The Rockstar Games made a masterpiece once again, and were highly rated by reviewers. They haven’t just ported a game from old to new consoles, but also added many game elements, details, weather effects, and 1080p resolution support. They even hid a few Easter eggs! The example of one is a seagull… It turned out you can play as one of the 27 animals! You just need to find the specific locations of those. The author of these video tutorials, NoahJ456,  shows three locations of different animals. Just watch it!