Guitar Hero Live – First Impressions

guitar hero live erapid video review

Even non-musicians and players who don’t play rhythm games, have heard or played Guitar Hero. Without a doubt, this game is legendary. People play it on parties, in between or after work in offices and just an occasion of having fun with friends.

The first, original version of Guitar Hero appeared on PS2 in 2005. Now, after ten years, we can play this game on all popular platforms. Not only this, they have released a  Guitar Hero Live yesterday, a so-called reboot of the series, with much changed gameplay, full motion video and multiplayer TV mode. The track list contains more than 150 songs with more coming soon. Of course, not only the track list is updated and the game itself, the guitar controller is different. There is a 2×3 button frat system now, instead of just buttons.

We thinck that Guitar Hero Live is a good descendant of Guitar Hero series. Make sure yourself by watching Maka‘s review on YouTube.