Action packed undead killing Gunner Z game comes to Android

Gunner Z is one of the most popular undead killing games on the iOS platform, but it seems that people have been waiting for it to release on Android for quite some time.

What made Gunner Z so special is the fact that unlike most games where you run around and kill the undead, this time you sit on a turret and kill the enemies from a fixed position. This makes the threat a lot more real and scary at the same time, and since many zombie game lovers play these games for the scare they are bound to get, Gunner Z became quite a success.

Gunner Z erapid games news

In Gunner Z you can customize your truck with any colors and equipment that you need, in fact you can also give it a military appeal if you want, as that is really good to do in this regard. Gunner Z also comes with a great level dynamic, so no level is bound to be the same each time, as some things tend to change from time to time, in order to keep things interesting and exciting at the same time.

Killing zombies is one thing, but in Gunner Z you will also engage military units, something that is very different from the normal experience you get in such a game. Thankfully, Gunner Z offers so much more, as it brings multiple characters as well, complete support for dynamic weather as well as numerous weapons that, at their own turn, can be upgraded without a problem. 60 missions are more than enough to browse through, and since each one is customizable, you get a lot of content to go through.

Gunner Z erapid games news

Hopefully you can now understand why having Gunner Z was very important. The best part about it right now is that you can install the game for free from the link below!

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