Gunslugs 2 is delayed until the beginning of next year

gunslugs 2 erapid games news

If you ever heard of Gunslugs, then you already know the rich legacy and lots of neat levels that the series has. However, with Gunslugs 2 which is set to be released sometime in the beginning of 2015, the development team at Orange Pixel thought it would be appropriate to launch a trailer for the game, a trailer that will help the game live up to its hype.

gunslugs 2 erapid games news

And it does. In fact, the Gunslugs 2 title shows us exactly what a mobile action game needs to be about. It comes with a large amount of violence, 8-bit pixel art, as well as all the simple RPG elements that you might expect from such a game.

To be honest, Gunslugs 2 promises a lot, as it is set to bring around 7 different worlds, each one with its own interesting appeal. Here we will be able to play 50 different levels. Unlike the previous game though, here we will be able to perform a lot of new jumps and take advantage of the new features as well.

Some of the new features are quite exciting, for example the ability to access a weapon shop, where you can get a new gun, or upgrade the one that you already have. The first Gunslugs game was a lot harder to complete than it was originally designed, but now Gunslugs 2 comes with a whole new checkpoint system that makes the game feel fresh and interesting once more.

gunslugs 2 erapid games news

The disappointing thing is that Gunslugs 2 was originally set to appear this month, but instead the game was pushed back 3 months. This is not an unusual practice, especially if the game seems to lack polish. It’s safe to say that we trust the developer and cannot way to see the changes that Gunslugs 2 brings to the original formula in action!

You can watch the trailer below