Hardest Game Ever 2 – you can try to win…

Hardest Game Ever 2 erapid games review

Hardest Game Ever 2 – Game Review

Usually most of the games nowadays tend to be easier in order to gain the attention of multiple gamers, since, after all, gaming is an industry and the more sales a company gets, the better for it. However, there are some situations in which games are very hard to play, and Hardest Game Ever 2 is a great example of that.

However, Hardest Game Ever 2 is not a game per say, it’s most of a collection comprised out of 24 mini-games that will usually test your reaction time and other skills in a very interactive, unique way. What we really enjoyed about the game is that the gameplay gets very intense almost all the time and you will always have the motivation to play more and more until you get an even higher score.

Hardest Game Ever 2 erapid games review

We think that testing the reaction time in such a title is indeed impressive and the more you play, the more you actually get hooked to the game, which is really nice. Pressing or even mashing buttons really fast is something that you will do very often even though the game at first looks very simple. The interesting thing here is that you won’t be able to unlock the next game in the list until you mastered the previous one, and this means that you will have to play for hours and hours to master the current game. This is a very interesting mechanic whose main purpose is to entice people to play more and more, and that is really nice indeed.

The game mechanics presented here are very simple overall, yet the game does manage to make them really interesting just by adding a timer. This means that you will always have to keep an eye on your timer, especially if you want to get a high score. This mechanic is really nice and does add the fast paced gameplay that we want from such a title.

Hardest Game Ever 2 erapid games review

Overall, the game graphics are cartoony yet really fun, something that does seem to add quite a lot of value to the overall game experience. And as if that wasn’t enough, they are very enjoyable as well, so you will always enjoy playing these one of a kind mini-games.

Sounds are nice as well, although they don’t shine by any stretch of the imagination. Instead they do their job really good and they do tend to be very interesting.

In conclusion, we think that Hardest Game Ever 2 is a very interesting game. If it’s hard or not, it’s up for gamers to decide that, but we do have to acknowledge the fact that this title brings quite a challenge, especially for those people that aren’t accustomed to play that many games. We do recommend it if you want to have some fun, as it’s free of charge and it brings some intense entertainment that will last for quite a long time.

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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