Helicopter Flight Simulator 2015 gives you a stellar helicopter simulation for free on Google Play

Helicopter Flight Simulator 2015 erapid games news

Simulation games are quite popular on Android, and because of that more and games tend to be released here, showing us how unique and interesting it really is to simulate real life stuff. Helicopter Flight Simulator 2015 is no exception, as it brings us a stellar helicopter simulation for free.

There are multiple helicopters to control here, with Bell Models and even a Boeing being the standout ones. All 6 helicopters can be controlled in 60 different missions and depending on the copter you choose, you will have the opportunity to access specific objectives and so on. There are also some specific military missions and at the same time the game world is very detailed, encouraging exploration. Despite being a mobile game, the graphics are very realistic and detailed, allowing you to really feel like in a real life helicopter.

You can even see the traffic, balloons and numerous other items that are dynamic and interactive scattered all over the game world.

Helicopter Flight Simulator 2015 erapid games news

Helicopter Flight Simulator 2015 also provides two different ships that you can take off from, and the game worlds are so large that you can rarely find the time to breathe. All of these combined offer you with a wide range of exciting and unique gameplay decisions that bring lots of savor and appeal towards the title.

Since this is a paid game, you can expect numerous IAPs as well, but these mostly allow you to get access to the locked stuff faster, so they shouldn’t be obtrusive, especially since you can grab the content normally.

Helicopter Flight Simulator 2015 erapid games news

It’s safe to say that checking out Helicopter Flight Simulator 2015 is a nice idea, especially if you are a fan of flight simulation games. It’s cool to play and it definitely brings a lot of value through the large number of missions. We encourage you to check it out, especially since it’s a free download.

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