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Help Me Fly – Games Review

Poor Jonah Joe the Pilot – His plane ran out of power! Can you help him fix it?

Help Me Fly is a free-to-play puzzler from Funtomic and despite having cartoonish and childish-looking graphics, it is, to my surprise, a very interesting game due to its appealing gameplay. This is a game that puzzle-loving fans will enjoy!

As usual, the game starts off with a tutorial that comprises of the first fifteen out of the sixty puzzles available, but then, things start to get really interesting and thought provoking. The game is divided into many worlds and in each world there are 15 levels to complete.

The aim of this puzzler is to connect your toy biplane, which has run out of electric power, to a battery source. After the connection has been made, the toy biplane will take off. In each level of the game, you see a game board, which includes a biplane, a battery, stars, platforms, and any other obstacles that may appear. You must then move the red blocky connectors around the game board such that one connector connects with the battery, and all other connectors join together and lead to the biplane. Some of these blocky connectors can be rotated as shown by the “rotate” symbol on it. Just double tap on the connector to rotate it. There are also locked connectors as shown by a lock symbol on it. Most of the connectors can be moved around by dragging them, but their orientations are fixed.

Help Me Fly erapid games review

The connectors are initially red in colour, but as you link them all up to the battery, electricity will flow through them, turning them green in colour (to indicate that the connection is live).
Once you get the connections right, all the connectors will turn green and a “fly” button appears on screen for players to push to make the plane fly off to the next level. It is exhilarating to hear the pilot scream ‘woo-hoo’ every time his biplane takes off!

To make it more challenging, you have to try setting the connectors near stars so that they light up and turn to yellow. Sometimes, no matter how hard you tried, you just can’t connect all the stars. Connecting to these stars usually demands a much more specific arrangement of connectors, turning each level into a more difficult puzzle experience. Getting the most stars out of each world is imperative for you to unlock more worlds. Later, as you progress through the game, connectors with odd shapes or different attributes are introduced, along with a variety of obstacles. One example of the obstacles, the energy wall, needs to be powered down, so that you can lay down the connectors. The puzzle becomes even more complex when multiple, color-coded electrical energy walls are introduced. Thus, you are given ten helpful hints which you can click on at the top right hand corner of the screen.

Help Me Fly erapid games review

What set this game apart from other puzzlers is that it is not too hard to make the biplane fly again. The difficult part is trying to score the maximum number of yellow stars. The game does throw up some fairly strict barriers, blocking access to the next world until you’ve collected sufficient number of yellow stars. You can replay each level until you have enough stars to proceed.

In conclusion, Help Me Fly is a fun and challenging puzzler. The puzzles are well thought out, and frequently have different solutions, so that you don’t feel tied up to one particular method of completing a level. Play the game today!

e-Rapid Games rate: 7/10

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