Hero Truck – retro truck adventure

Hero Truck erapid games review

Hero Truck – Games Review

Developed on the famed Unity game engine, Hero Truck is a retro-type, 2D side-scrolling and challenging puzzle game, based on actual physics. It’s the type of game that you shouldn’t be judging based on its cover, that’s for sure!

Its controls are simple – the brake is placed on the left while accelerate and reverse buttons are on the right. The controls are very responsive and they allow you to perform ‘emergency braking’ or fast acceleration when needed. Sounds easy, right?

Well, Hero Truck has 20 unique levels that are filled with various obstacles, such as pits, rotating objects, steep slopes and so on, for your little truck to circumvent. Even though the game mechanics are simple enough, trying to complete a level is definitely not an easy task. Only after trying for the umpteenth times at level two, did I get into the rhythm of the game and had managed to go through to the next level. I did say the game was challenging!

Hero Truck erapid games review

There are two aspects of the gameplay which you will have to pay attention to; namely the time left (in seconds) and the distance left to complete that level. You run out of time, you die. You can’t reach the end of the level on time, you die. Hero Truck has an absolutely no hand-holding policy and you, as the player, will just have to tough it out with multiple playthroughs. This is also why Hero Truck is so exasperating yet addictive!

Thankfully, the game provide gold coins that you will have to collect to get yourself the extra time that you will definitely need to complete the level. Each gold coin gives you additional time at its face value. If you see a ‘5’ on the gold coin, it means that you’ll be given 5 extra seconds of play if you pick the coin up. Moreover, if you see a red coin, you must avoid it at all costs. Red coins will decrease your time at face value and you simply don’t have enough time to give away! It’s just best to try to finish each level as quickly as possible.

Hero Truck erapid games review

When you completed a level, you’ll be given a reward in the form of a trophy; with gold being the best, of course – The trophy at the bottom rank is bronze. Seeing any trophy in Hero Truck can be extremely exulting, considering that the game is as tough as nails, though you’ll probably see “YOU DIED” more times than you can count before you can even get a glimpse of the trophy! After all, the tougher the challenge, the sweeter the victory!

The graphics in Hero Truck is rather rudimentary, so is the background music and sound effects. Due to this, Hero Truck projects the feeling of an arcade game in the 80s. In spite of that, you’ll probably be too busy trying to stay alive, so they’re not exactly very important.

In short, although Hero Truck has pretty simplistic game mechanics, sound and graphics, it is very compelling in the sense that it is frustratingly challenging and also fun to play! This is certainly a game that will keep you coming back for more!

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