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Heroes Charge – Games Review

Heroes Charge is an exciting and addictive 2.5D side-scrolling, team-based MMORPG that is guaranteed to bring you along for an adventure of a lifetime!

The bread and butter of the game are your heroes. In this game, heroes play the various yet common roles that RPG games have, namely tank, healer and dps. Each hero has their own grade (as shown by the colour of the frames and number of stars on their cards) and levels, which can be upgraded via evolving and gaining experience points respectively. While you start off with your basic set of heroes, you can easily earn more by opening the gold chest every 2 days. You can also get new heroes through the longer method that is to collect all the soul stones required, which can range from 10 to 80.

Your heroes can’t possible take on the enemy in their regular clothes – even superheroes need their costumes! Thus, don’t forget to gear up your heroes (level 2 and above) too! Equipment can be obtained by playing the levels available in this game, though you can also craft your heroes’ gear as well! By combining certain low level gear along with the recipe (also dropped in-game), you can get a better version of the gear. However, instead of upgrading the items, once a hero has all of his/her gear on (6 pieces in total), you can then promote to increase the hero’s quality. This means that the stats of the hero will gain a nice little +1 boost.

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Furthermore, your heroes have special skills and abilities too! These skills are vital in this game and you’ll need to use them properly so that you won’t waste it on easy or near-death mobs. Skills can be upgraded by spending coins. However, even if you’re virtually ‘rich’ in this game, you cannot max out the level of your heroes’ skills in one go. This is because Heroes Charge implements a fail-safe to stop exactly such a thing from happening – you’ll need skill points to level your skills as well. Skills points are limited to a maximum of 10 and will regenerate at a steady pace of 1 point per 5 minutes once it is consumed.

Combat in Heroes Charge is mostly automated – your heroes will use their secondary skills on their own. You, however, will have control over when you want to activate their primary skills, as long as the yellow energy bar below the green HP bar for the characters are filled. What you need to do is just to tap on it to activate. You can activate more than one hero’s skill at the same time so that you can dump a massive load of damage on that particularly nasty boss that you desperately need to kill quickly.

heroes charge erapid games review

Each normal level in this game consumes 6 stamina per game, with elite modes costing 12 stamina instead. You have a maximum total of 70 stamina points. Besides attacking mobs, there will always be a hero or two at the end for you to fight! Although you can earn up to 3 stars per level, you will only need 1 star to proceed to the next level. There are also plenty of game modes that you can enjoy, quests to do, thrilling PvP action to participate in and many more!

In short, Heroes Charge is a solid yet simple MMORPG that is surprisingly very engaging and addictive! It has amazing gameplay, despite having semi-automated combat, and can be rather exhilarating to play. If you’re a fan of MMOs, you should really give this game a go!

e-Rapid Games rate: 7.5/10

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