Heroes of Order & Chaos

heroes of order chaos erapid games news

Twitch is a very popular streaming website where gamers stream or upload videos with their gaming sessions. While the platform is very popular in the PC world, the mobile titles are slowly, but steadily implementing this function as well.

A while ago Asphalt 8 was announced as being the first title to add support for Twitch, but now Heroes of Order & Chaos is also added to the list of mobile games that allow you to perform streaming. Unlike Asphalt, which is a racing game, Heroes of Order & Chaos is a MOBA title, and this makes it more appropriate for streaming because of the competitive level that this type of games provide.

While people were curious about Asphalt Twitch streaming at first, people quickly went back to their desktop computers when it came to streaming, so thanks to Heroes of Order & Chaos gamers can now play Heroes of Order & Chaos competitively and gather large audiences, which is indeed a great thing to do. The game offers 5 on 5 MOBA action, and the matches are pretty long, which means that you will surely have a blast streaming your sessions.

heroes of order chaos erapid games news

What’s quite interesting is that the game offers microphone and camera support so you can easily perform streaming without a powerful computer, something that we really think of as a great achievement when it comes to mobile streaming.

On the other hand, we are a little worried that only Gameloft has released games with Twitch streaming until now, but on the other hand it’s safe to say that many developers will embrace the mobile streaming, because let’s face it, millions of people play games on mobile phones and streaming them comes as a natural thing to do.

However, the latest Heroes of Order & Chaos update doesn’t offer only Twitch support, instead it comes with other goodies as well, and that includes game rebalancing, an improved matchmaking, as well as a solo league and three new heroes that can be played.

You can take advantage of the new update right now by downloading the game from:

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