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Hidden Object Halloween Haunts erapid games review

Hidden Object Halloween Haunts – Games Review

Halloween themed games usually have a simple plot and they, most of the time, rely on a simple game mechanic and some visuals appropriate to the holiday itself. Hidden Object Halloween Haunts is a title that successfully manages to bring some neat game mechanics and it successfully manages to integrate them in a manner that makes them appealing for the large audiences.

Right from the start we can see that Hidden Object Halloween Haunts has a very interesting, quite appealing interface. You can check out the object names or their shape in the lower portion of the screen and in the upper side you can see the timer, category and access the options. Of course, you do have the opportunity of using a hint from time to time, and that’s great because sometimes the title can be more challenging than you can handle.

Hidden Object Halloween Haunts erapid games review

The game on its own does have a lot of content, around 60 different levels, and all of them are nicely created in order to offer you a one of a kind experience. There are haunted woods to explore, forests, graveyards, dens and mansions, which means that the Halloween atmosphere is done right in this one, and so are the hidden object sessions. Filled with so many objects to find, everything seems amazingly placed and even though the game might be a little hard at times, especially in the later levels, the game manages to keep you pumped for a very long time.

Graphically, the game looks quite neat and the interesting design choice can be felt all through the game, because from backgrounds to objects everything is imbued with the Halloween theme. The soundtrack is also filled with tunes that remind you of this theme, which is great as well.

Hidden Object Halloween Haunts comes with multiple game modes, which include classic, picture, challenge and zen. All of them are tailored towards different categories of players so no matter how skilled you are, you are always going to find a game mode that suits your expertise. This is what we liked about the title actually, and that is the ability to always play a level that’s created according to your skill. Yes, there might be some harder levels towards the end, but so is every game, and when it comes to difficulty the title does a stellar job in bringing us a stunning gameplay.

Hidden Object Halloween Haunts erapid games review

To sum up, Hidden Object Halloween Haunts is a wonderful game that brings us a great and interesting world to explore. Thanks to the Halloween theme, it’s a lot spookier than you might expect,  but it’s still a wonderful title for both hidden object enthusiasts and newcomers alike. If you like puzzle games’ this is well worth a shot, so try it out right away!

e-Rapid Games rate: 6.5/10

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