Hopeless: The Dark Cave – See Daylight?

Hopeless: The Dark Cave erapid games review

Hopeless: The Dark Cave – Games Review

Test your twitch reflex in this amazing reflex-oriented shooter game, Hopeless: The Dark Cave! Help the frightened but armed glowing Blobs fend off monsters that approached from the hidden depths of the surrounding darkness before they snatch away members of your clan! But be careful not to accidentally shoot your own!

The game is designed in a classic shooter format. This means that you can jump straight into action without needing any tutorial! You just need to tap on the monsters to order your Blobs to shoot. At the beginning the game starts you off slowly, whereby the monsters came in ones and twos. However, as you get the hang of the game, the monsters come faster and in greater numbers, especially during monster waves when you are practically swamped in monsters from all sides! It’s a tapping frenzy and causalities are pretty common during such frenzied moments! No matter, you will just have to defend your Blobs the best you can!

Furthermore, you’ll soon encounter tougher monsters too! Most monsters will go down with 1 well-aimed shot, but for monsters that are armoured with crusted rock, you’ll need to get 2 hits in to kill it. Imagine if a whole group of them decided to attack at the same time… yep, it’ll be a tapping frenzy alright! However, as you’re busy tapping away, you mustn’t shoot at other friendly Blobs that are running to join your group, or even the members of your own group as well! Thus, you’ll have to think fast and act fast in order to know when to tap and when not to tap! If you accidentally or purposely (You sadistic bastard!) killed one of your own, the poor Blob that killed its friend will dim its light in mourning, but don’t worry! It will eventually recover to its full glow.

Hopeless: The Dark Cave

As more Blobs, provided that you didn’t get them killed or snatched away by the monsters in the dark, join your group, the Blobs will all contribute a little of their glow to the light circle on the ground and it will grow bigger. With a better view of your surroundings, you can see approaching monsters much faster and react a lot faster as well! As you play multiple games, you will earn experience points and when accumulated to a sufficient amount, you will then level up. Levelling up will unlock various other features as well as providing you with more (and much tougher) game modes.

Hopeless: The Dark Cave is technically not an endless game as once you’ve reached its blob counter target, which is shown at the bottom right side of the screen, you will win… for the night! However, the game itself is continuous. So right after you’ve completed the objective, the blobs you have will clear out and you’ll start the next game instantly with your starting 1 Blob.

Hopeless: The Dark Cave

The next game’s objective will increase the required blob counter by 1. When your last blob finally dies off (You can even get it to shoot itself, to my surprise… and it was totally accidental, I swear!), you’re score will be finalised and the game will end. You’ll earn some in-game cash, which you can then use at the cash shop. The shop offers plenty of weapons, utilities and even emergency Blobs that you can summon while playing the game. The best part? All of these can be purchased using in-game money!

In summary, Hopeless: The Dark Cave is a frantically-paced, old-school take on the arcade shooter games of old! If you enjoy frenzy tapping, then you’ll like this game a lot!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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