Hugo Retro Mania – Hugo is Back!

Hugo Retro Mania – Games Review

Remember Hugo? Hugo the TV troll? The adorable character created by the Danish company, Interactive Television Entertainment, in 1990 for the purpose of interactive television for kids? Well… he’s back! This time, Hugo returned in a game app, instead of cable TV, for Android and iOS platforms! Back in the 90s, Hugo took on the whole world with his TV-show; now, he needs your help as he is bent upon conquering the mines once more in Hugo Retro Mania!

Hugo Retro Mania is an action running game where you must help Hugo to avoid various obstacles to survive. As stated previously, Hugo is on a mission to reconquer the mines in his fevered search for gold, diamonds and rubies! With your assistance, Hugo must avoid dangerous exploding dynamites, slamming into wayward mine wagons, getting flattened by unexpected rock falls, and avoid falling into deep holes and other unexpected surprises. At the same time, he has to battle the wicked witch Scylla, the troll-eating crocodile Don Croco and huge blood thirsty spiders.

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To make the run even tougher, the lights in the mine will occasionally fail and the mine tunnels can turn really dark. Depending on only the headlamp on his mining helmet, Hugo will still barrel through the tunnels and it is up to you to keep him safe. Trying to navigate Hugo in a mine as black as coal is definitely not to anyone’s liking and is one of the hardest parts in the game!

Hugo Retro Mania offers 3 different modes of gameplay at the game menu – you are given a choice to choose whether you want to play the mine run, the maze or the challenge. The mine run mode is basically the normal version of the game, whereby you will have to navigate Hugo through the tunnels, by following the signboards in the mine, to the very end. It’s best to start in easy mode as opposed to hard, because your reaction must be quick in this game or else you’ll be dead and out pops the annoying adverts.

In the maze game mode, the game starts off showing you the map of the mine. You will then have to navigate the mine on your own while avoiding all the dangers that will kill poor Hugo. The game has 3 packages, each with 30 maze stages, but only the first package is free-to-play. The second and third packs will cost you 6000 coins each. In the last game mode – challenge game mode, you have to complete a certain distance in the allocated time to win. Since it is timed based, every move you make for Hugo is very important. For instance, do you prefer to jump him over a pit or swipe him left to avoid the hole in the ground? These tiny movements may shave off valuable time that you cannot spare on the timer!

hugo retro mania erapid games review

You can even compete against your friends’ high scores by syncing the game with your Facebook account! The game also offers in-app purchases like more lives, more time, better lighting in the mines, invincibility and more gold.

Overall, Hugo Retro Mania is an exciting and challenging running game that places a lot of emphasis on twitch reflexes in its gameplay that may take some getting used to. The only annoying thing in the game is the adverts – They can pop up for 3 to 4 times per game! However, if you can get pass that for the sake of Hugo, then this is a game that you should try out!

e-Rapid Games rate: 7.5/10

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