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Ice Age Adventures – Games Review

If you have a kid or like cartoons, chances are that you already know about Ice Age, the great animated movie which showcases the adventures of a sloth, mammoth and tiger in prehistoric times. The Ice Age movies also received quite a lot movie adaptations as well, but Ice Age Adventures is the first mobile venture of the series, and dare we say it’s an interesting step forward for the franchise as we are waiting for the fifth movie to appear.

Ice Age Adventures can be included in multiple genres, some might consider it a puzzle game, others a city builder, while others might go with a time management title. The reality is that Ice Age Adventures is all of these and more, as it manages to bring us into a living world filled with characters from the movies.

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We liked the fact that Ice Age Adventures features the original voices of all Ice Age cast as well as the soundtrack for the movies as well, as this makes it a lot more interesting and fun.

Right from the start you will see that you can create the town that you need and customize it at your own pace with the help of buildings. The interesting thing here is that rescuing the animals and bringing them on the island is the major plot here, and in order to do that you will have to take the ice ship and use it to travel towards various islands. That’s where the fun starts, as here you will have to solve lots of puzzles, including match three ones. Successfully solving the puzzles will help you earn shells that allow you to modify and expand the animal habitats. After you rescue an animal you will generate berries, and these are very helpful as you play so you do need to take care of them.

There are also numerous mini-games, some of which star our furry friend Scrat. You get into minion rush style races or slot machine games, so there’s definitely a lot of fun and excitement to be had in the game, even if you get tired of saving animals and catering to their needs.

ice age adventures erapid games

Graphics in Ice Age Adventures are spectacular. Colorful and definitely very interesting, the animations are stunning and overall you get the feeling that you are a part of this amazing place, so nothing can be better than this. The voice acting is stellar and the soundtrack is also very good, so everything just manages to immerse you more and more into the game, which is great!

Overall, Ice Age Adventures is one of the most interesting gaming titles based on a movie and it caters to both kids as well as adults alike. Fun, colorful and with lots of activities, this is a game that we recommend to anyone who loves the animated series or which just wants to have a lot of fun with a mobile game.

e-Rapid Games rate: 9/10

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