Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition is out now for iOS

icewind dale enhanced edition erapid games review

A decade or two ago, there were far less games on the market and those that appeared were created with passion instead of thinking about money. This was the case of Icewind Dale, one of the best RPG games that were ever released. The high amount of depth, great story and neat characters remained in our hearts for years, and now, with the help of Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition we can revisit those times on our mobile phone.

icewind dale enhanced edition erapid games review

While Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition is a very interesting game on its own even on desktop, due to the numerous graphical and performance improvement, the fact that we can play this game on iOS and Android is simply astonishing. Yes, the app is quite expensive, priced at $9.99, but in the end this is one of the best RPGs that were ever created, so the price is well justified. Beamdog, the developers of this wonderful game did have some problems with the submission, but after a few revamps the game is available on the iOS app store, as well as Android.

It’s important to state that Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition includes the original game, but it also packs up the Heart of Winter and Trials of the Luremaster expansions, so thanks to this particular edition you can get the whole adventure that sums up to around 100+ hours, without even counting some additional quests. This edition actually brings some content that was cut from the original game, so even those that played the original to exhaustion will have a lot to love here.

icewind dale enhanced edition erapid games review

In conclusion, it’s wonderful to see that more and more classic RPGs are ported to mobile. Even though nostalgia is definitely a major factor here, being able to play these amazing games on a mobile phone is well worth it, so we recommend you to check out the game right away!

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