Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition – mobile and desktop

icewind dale enhanced edition erapid news

One of the most popular gaming genres is definitely the RPG, mainly because it enables people to take the role of a character and solve numerous quests along the way. However, many of the RPGs on the mobile platforms aren’t that enticing and appealing mainly because of the limitations of the mobile world. Despite that, Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition is set to appear.

Based on the original Icewind Dale game, this title will also include the two expansions Trials of the Luremaster and the Heart of Winter. However, the game is also set to add numerous new things, such as new kits, unique classes, multiple spells, items and numerous quests from the original game.

icewind dale enhanced edition erapid news

An interesting thing regarding the Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition is that it will provide cross-platform multiplayer as well as co-op for up to 6 different players. This is indeed a great achievement for such a game, especially since the mobile players are going to play cooperatively with the desktop owners of the title.

The Dungeons and Dragons experience will remain a very unique and exciting one throughout the game, as Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition is set to keep the original experience intact. Beamdog says that they created a new user interface and they even added zooming capability to the title, which is really nice. Another interesting addition to the original game comes in the form of a quickloot bar that will be really helpful for all gamers who want to explore the game world and grab all the loot from enemies faster. Of course, they will also address numerous bugs as well, as they are promising that the game will be almost error free at launch.

There isn’t any release date set yet, but Beamdog estimates that they will launch the game sometime in October 2014 on both mobile and PC.