Icy Tower Retro – Icy Returns!

Icy Tower Retro erapid games review

Icy Tower Retro – Games Review

Icy Tower Retro is a remake and updated version of the original jumping freeware Windows game, called Icy Tower, from way back in 2001. The tag line for this game is the more you play, the better you get. Of course, this is true because we all know that “practice makes perfect”!

The gameplay is very simple – all you have to do is to help Harold the homeboy run and jump up the tower. The game starts on the ground floor. You have to jump from floor to floor, higher and higher, to try to reach the top. But, can you make it to the top? No way, because there’s no top floor! The tower is infinite and you’ll just have to jump as high as you can before you eventually fall.

As you jump, the tower will begin to move slowly downwards. At certain time during the game, you’ll see the “hurry up” sign, along with the sound of bells ringing, coming up from below, urging for you to jump faster. At the same time, the floors start to move a little bit faster as well. Not to mention, when jumping up, you sometimes have to navigate to tricky platforms and this becomes even more challenging when the floors are smaller. If you don’t get Harold onto the next floor in time or that he falls, then it’s game over.

Icy Tower Retro erapid games review

You can also perform super jumps, which are called combos; whereby you jump up several floors continuously. So, how do you do combos? Just spam the jump button repeatedly to jump up floors more rapidly and if needed, use the left and right buttons to dash-jump to the next platform. The faster you run, the higher you can jump. Sometimes several floors in a single jump… if you’re that good! A chain of combos will end if you failed to pull off a good jump, or fell off the floor and died.

Each time you die, you’ll start all over again from the ground floor, unless you use the token (which you can buy, of course) to keep on playing from the last floor before you fell off. I notice that each time you restart the game, the game engine will randomly render the width of each floor. Thus, each play-through provides a different experience, tremendously increasing the game’s replayability!

The touch controls are responsive in Icy Tower Retro, but you can barely see the arrow keys, particularly the ones on the left, and they’re too close together. Many a time during the game, when you need to run and jump quickly, you may accidentally press the wrong button, resulting in Harold’s certain death. .I hope that Palringo, the developing company behind this game, will make the touch control buttons more opaque and place the left and right button slightly further apart instead.

Icy Tower Retro erapid games review

In Icy Tower Retro, you can also log in to your Facebook account and compete with your frieds. Palringo even has a community gaming platform which you can join if you install a separate app called the Palringo Group Messenger (free download from Google Play). This separate app can help enhance your gameplay experience, and allow you to meet new people as well as chat with them.

In short, Icy Tower Retro is an exciting and fun jumping game and is the sort of game that you can fit into any narrow spans of your free time. Download it for free and try the game now!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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