Into The Void brings in survival challenges from outer space

into the void erapid games news

Exploring the game world is something we all do in any RPG, but games like Into The Void manage and actually succeed to take the experience one step further unlike never before. The idea here is simple, you need to explore the space and ensure that you stay alive, and that’s where the survival elements come into play.

Into The Void erapid games news

You can create ships and arm them in order to be prepared for facing the challenges that arise, and at the same time you will also need to care for the people that are on board of your ship as well. Maintaining a good morale, performing research in order to keep your ship in the best possible shape and with the best results or even performing upgrades is something you need to do quite often in order to ensure the stability of your ship.

The game world is packed with plenty of challenges in Into The Void and the interface has a tight design, seamlessly alerting you when you need to do more stuff and how you want to do it.

Into The Void erapid games news

There are 4 factions in the game, more than 100 technologies that you can research, 16 main missions and even more side ones as well as tons of customization options for your ship. No matter if you choose to bring in drones and explore the area or use them to attack other ships, it all comes down to you and the way you want to play. Either way, Into The Void is a great space game and the survival element as well as crafting included here makes the title very good, amazing as well as a lot of fun.

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