iOS best seller Trouble With Robots comes to Android

Those that own an iOS device know how fun and interesting the Trouble With Robots, however up until now Android users didn’t have a chance to try out this interesting game. Thankfully, the development team has created an Android port and we can now experience this action packed TCG game on our to-go platform.

Trouble With Robots is a great game, because it manages to break the boundaries and stand out thanks to its ability of losing the normal TCG gameplay abilities. Instead, the game focuses on allowing you to create a team based out of cards that allow you to explore and finish the level.

Trouble With Robots erapid games review

Each level has a different set of challenges, so Trouble With Robots does encourage you to experiment in order to finish up the game and load a new one. With 26 different levels as well as 6 challenges, the title provides enough content to play through, so you are bound to like it for sure.

There are some interesting abilities available in this game, such as the power to customize your deck before you enter each level, which in our opinion is pretty cool, or the numerous rewards that you can receive as you play. Moreover, you get to unlock a ton of new content as you play and engage in epic battles whose course can be altered in any way you see fit.

Trouble With Robots erapid games review

Your heroes can be summoners, warriors, ranged or a combination of these. Thankfully, with the ability to design your own deck, you have the opportunity to kill your enemies in any way you can imagine. Variety is key in Trouble With Robots, and you will appreciate it a lot if you fancy a challenge. Don’t hesitate, and check out the game right now, it’s available on Google Play via the link below.

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