Ironkill comes with a new update that brings in new robots

Ironkill erapid games news

Ironkill is a very good robot brawling game and they always manage to bring in new updates that make the title even more interesting. Of course, expanding the game can be tricky, but they always managed to bring in numerous new characters, and this new update is no exception.

Now we get no less than 12 new robots which can be controlled and customized as you see fit, and then there’s even a new tutorial that you can check out if you want to learn how to better improve your gameplay experience, which is a major plus in this regard.

Ironkill erapid games news

But this is not all that’s brought in this new update, because you get some other cool stuff as well. The user interface is improved which is a major plus, and at the same time the robots have nice abilities and robot upgrades that can be checked out in any way you want.

Aside from that, the game remains roughly the same when it comes to the gameplay experience, but the massiveness and scale brought with these new robots definitely manages to make the game even better than before.

Ironkill erapid games news

You can upgrade these new robots and take full advantage of some new parts that make the experience one of a kind. Then, you get bonuses and other impressive things that make the whole experience well worth your time.

If you find the idea cool, then check the game out right now, if you download it from Google Play it comes with the update included and you will enjoy it for sure.

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