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Ironkill – Games Review

Fight your way to the top of the robot championship – much like a game version of the movie Real Steel – in this gruelling robot-fighting game, Ironkill! Collect new robots, upgrade them and pit your bots against the toughest competitors around!

To start playing, you’ll first need a robot to call your own! You get to choose from among 3 starter robots, namely the sumoist, sandman and bayonet pete US. Once you’ve selected, you should be aware that building a robot takes time and this waiting duration will gradually increase as you go on and buy superior robots. Robots in Ironkill can be generally separated into different generations, Gen I, II and Pro (premium robots), and 3 different factions, Greater Asia, The Americas and African Union. You can also unlock new robots by defeating them in exhibition fights later on.

Robots can be upgraded in many different ways in Ironkill and will take some time to complete as well. These upgrades are grouped into faction-based, generation-based, robot-specific upgrades and all-robot upgrades. Most upgrades increases the health, quick damage and heavy damage of your robot, though some is able to increase energy regeneration, and gold earned as well. For robot-specific upgrades, you can improve each part of your robot up to 5 levels unlike the other upgrades which are “one time only” kind of thing. To earn enough gold to buy all of these upgrades, you’ll need to play matches regularly or you can also collect gold from your championship funds periodically too!

Ironkill erapid games review

Ready to go kick some robot butt? Awesome! To play, you’ll use up 1 energy point out of a maximum amount, which is determined by the type of robot you are using – each robot has their own energy capacity, so if one ran out of energy, you can swap and use another bot instead! You can also buy boosters before entering a game. Moreover, the objective in each level is simple – defeat your opponent using whatever means necessary, but preferably with as little damage sustained as possible!

The controls in Ironkill are pretty similar to what you’d see in a Street Fighter-like game. All 3 of the attack buttons are located below the screen. The blue button on the left is the quick attack button, which allows your robot to deal quick strikes, while the red button on the right is the heavy attack button that allows your robot to do heavy damage blows to your opponent. On the other hand, the button at the very bottom is the block button – you’ll need it to block your enemy’s quick attacks (but you are unable to block heavy blows or abilities). There is even a combo system in Ironkill, so by performing a chain of the quick or heavy blows, your robot will deal bonus damage.

Ironkill erapid games review

Attacking also generates special ability points that will gradually fill up the ability bar. Each robot has its own unique ability and once the bar is full, you can activate it. Abilities are shown as round buttons at the bottom by the way. Furthermore, getting hit fills up the revenge meter instead. Once it is filled, you can tap the “revenge” button to perform a devastating counter-attack. In that attack, a meter with a moving marker will pop up. When the marker hit the blue strips, tap on them to give your ability a boost in damage.

All in all, Ironkill is a fun-to-play robot boxing game that probably is inspired by Real Steel and Street Fighter. Do you have what it takes to build the best mech fighters in the game?

e-Rapid Games rate: 8.5/10

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