Jack B. Nimble receives a winter update

Jack B Nimble erapid games news

Jack B. Nimble was a great game when it was released in late 2014, but as we got close to the winter season, it clearly felt that something was missing, and that particular something was a set of levels that are more appropriate for this particular season that we are in.

This automatic runner is a stunning game, and the fact that Jack’s speed increases gradually just shows us how interesting and impressive the whole experience really is.

Jack B Nimble erapid games news

Thankfully, the developer behind the title has started updating Jack B. Nimble, and while the game has already receive a Halloween update featuring Jack’O’Lantern and other themed changes, not it’s time for the winter update to kick in.

In this winter update, we will get some interesting changes, which include the great Bitter Bluff level, as well as a newly added leaderboard support that makes the whole experience even more appealing and filled with replay value, which is great.

Being able to play Jack B. Nimble with a winter theme clearly shows us that we are in time for the holidays, and that everything just looks as it should right now.

Jack B Nimble erapid games news

But Jack B. Nimble’s developer clearly won’t stop here, as he has announced that he has already began working on a new update that will provide numerous new achievements for the game, as well as a new set of levels, new characters and color schemes. All of these are designed to make Jack B. Nimble an even better, more appealing and interesting game.

As you can see, Jack B. Nimble is clearly shaping into a game that comes with a ton of content and the game mechanics behind it are solid, which will provide an astonishing experience in the end. If you are a fan of endless runners and platformers, we feel that this is a game you don’t want to miss, so check it out right now!

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