Jack B Nimble – retro endless runners

Jack B Nimble erapid games review

Jack B Nimble – Games Review

You simply can’t say you don’t love endless runners, these are by far a very interesting since all you need to do is test your skills in a large game world that continually evolves. Jack B Nimble is a title that successfully manages to bring the fast paced gameplay that you would expect from an endless runner, and it still manages to make it interesting.

However, just like most endless runner nowadays, Jack B. Nimble suffers from a problem, which is repeatability. The backgrounds seem to be repeated all over again, not to mention that the game always has the same green tones, and this can be boring. Somehow, despite all these minor problems, Jack B Nimble does manage to shine, and it brings a gameplay that keeps you playing over and over.

Jack B Nimble erapid games review

As stated earlier, the gameplay is really simple, as you need to dash and leap across various locations in order to achieve the highest ratings. The interesting thing here is that you have to use the tall grass in order to slow down, but usually the gameplay will be very fast paced and intense, so you have to be aware of that at all costs. Trees do enter the environment from time to time, so you have to be aware of them and avoid at all costs. If you fall from a ledge or you enter a tree it will be game over, so what you need to do is to always be on the run and jump as fast as possible in order to win.

Jack B Nimble comes with a very interesting score system that’s based on the accuracy of the player as well as the skill and distance travelled. Only by being fast and careful you have a chance to achieve the best results.

The retro style of Jack B Nimble is very impressive and interesting, providing you with lots of amazing opportunities to visualize a bland, yet masterfully crafted game world. The controls are very simple and we indeed love that, as with just a single touch you can perform either jumping or a whip.

Jack B Nimble erapid games review

Jack B Nimble comes with a killer, chiptune soundtrack that’s definitely one of the best we heard recently. We enjoyed it tremendously and we think it’s one of the major things that provide a good appeal for the game.

In conclusion, Jack B. Nimble is a very interesting addition to your game list on your iPhone. Yes, it might not be the prettiest or the longest game that you will play nowadays, but in the end it provides one of the best endless running experiences you can find, so we do recommend you to give it a try and check it out, as it’s well worth your time!

e-Rapid Game rates: 8/10

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