Jet Run: City Defender – Crash the Aliens

Jet Run: City Defender – Games Review

Jet Run: City Defender is an action-packed and high-speed endless flying shooter game. In this game, you are in control of a futuristic jet fighter sent to defend a city from waves after waves of alien invaders. Due to its high speed and intense shoot ‘em up action, your reflex must be quick as you weave your super-cool jet fighter through a modern city scape with skyscrapers and low altitude walkways!

The controls in this game are simple – just swipe left and right for the appropriate left and right turn movement or up and down to avoid buildings structures like walkways which span across the street. To shoot, just tap at the enemy UFOs. In no time, you will be skillfully maneuvering through the narrow city streets shooting at enemies as the alien mother ship unloads waves of new alien invaders. Be careful though, too much shooting can overheat your weapons system, resulting in a very devastating lockdown of the system. Thus, you’ll need to control your shooting and not spray bullets whenever you see the tinniest hint or even the contrails of an UFO.

Jet Run: City Defender erapid games review

While speeding through the city streets in your slick fighter jet, you will also collect coins and shields, which will protect your jet from damage for a short period of time. The coins you’ve earned can be used for weapons and gadgets upgrades later on. As you gain experience through completing missions, you will also unlock a new variety of much powerful weapons and gadgets. You can even enjoy the game by competing with your friends in multiplayer mode to defend the city from the relentless onslaught of the aliens!

Furthermore, you can buy special upgrades, like guidance computer, nukes and slow motion device, in its in-app store. For example, the guidance computer will give you crash warnings to alert you to the fact that your jet fighter is on due course to ‘meet’ with a very solid building. At such high speeds, this can be rather inevitable sometimes. Thankfully, with this guidance computer, you can change your flight course and avoid these very unnecessary crashes. The nukes, on the other hand, will wipe out every alien invader on the screen at the moment you triggered it. Slow motion is very useful as well as it is able to slow down time for a very brief period of 5 seconds, so as to give you a brief respite from the high octane action!

Jet Run: City Defender erapid games review

Not to mention, the 3D graphics in the city is absolutely beautiful, but the alien invaders look a tad bit dated. They looked rather blocky and retro-styled; just like the old Alien Invaders PC arcade game in the days past.

All in all though, Jet Run: City Defender is a challenging and fun endless flying/shooting game. It boasts of having action-packed cinematic gameplay for both single player and multiplayer modes. Quoting the aliens in this game, “Resistance is futile”, so download and play this game you “puny humans”! Do your very best to save the world from the alien invasion!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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