Jet Run City Defender

Jet Run City Defender erapid games news

We all know and love the endless running games, but sometimes they can be quite boring since they use the same mechanics all over again. This is where the need for a better title comes into play, and Jet Run City Defender manages to satisfy it perfectly. This is a great endless runner that brings a simple control scheme. The objective is simple, you need to defend the city against ht alien threat and even shoot them, so it’s just about avoiding things at all, instead the game brings you a more hands-on approach so to speak.

Jet Run City Defender erapid games news

Alongside that, you will also need to collect the coins that you can find in the game world and, of course, avoid any type of rocket or attacker that comes in your way. While playing, you will also have the opportunity to use nukes from time to time, which will help you defeat the enemies quickly.

Your jet also has shields, which do come in handy a lot, although if you go into a region with tons of enemies, these will be quickly overwhelmed.

The action packed gameplay in this game has a cinematic appeal and in the end it will prove to be very interesting for anyone that wants a different endless running experience. The beautiful graphics in this title, combined with the numerous ship upgrades, tons of collectible loot and a retro styled alien invaders game recommend it as a very good alternative to more complex games on mobile or desktop. Lastly, Jet Run City Defender will even enable you to compete with friends and family, which from our perspective is a clear win.

Jet Run City Defender erapid games news

Jet Run City Defender is a title that has been released a few days ago and which does deserve your full attention. It might not be the best endless runner, but it’s not far from that title, so do download it now from Google Play.

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