Jet Set Radio will be removed from Google Play

jet set radio erapid games news

Many of us know or have already played Jet Set Radio, a fun game that was released on PC and mobile platforms a few years ago. This fun game is one of the most interesting ones that SEGA has released in recent years, a title that successfully places you into the role of a graffiti enthusiast whose main purpose is to go all over the town, tag walls and defeat rival members.

jet set radio erapid games news

You can perform flips, tricks and do all kinds of neat stuff on a magnetically driven line, however you will have to stay as far as possible from the police force.

Unfortunately, it seems that Jet Set Radio is set to be removed from the iOS App Store and Google Play pretty soon, as it seems that SEGA found out that the game isn’t compatible with iOS 8 and this might cause a lot of inconvenience to the customers, especially since the game is a paid download t begin with.

To be honest, it’s a little unclear what type of problems is Jet Set Radio experiencing on the Android platform, but it seems to me that whatever they want to improve and fix in the iOS version will also be included in the Android version as well.

jet set radio erapid games news

There aren’t any new features announced for the re-release of the game, or any reason behind the sudden removal of the game, but you do need to act fast if you want to grab the game from Google Play, as it will be removed at some point in the next few days. The title will be re-uploaded to the service in a few weeks or even a month or two, it’s a little unclear in this particular moment. Even so, we are anxious to see what will be changed with the game when it’s re-released!