Joe Danger comes to Android this year

Joe Danger erapid games news

If you like action games and own a PC, then you most likely know about the Joe Danger game series and how fun it is. It seems that the Android platform will also have the opportunity to benefit from Joe Danger later this year, when it will have its own title, even if it seems to be a port of the current iOS game.

The main idea in Joe Danger is that you need to control Joe through a variety of hazardous environments as you try to make stunts and get a score that is as high as possible.

Joe Danger erapid games news

There are numerous things you need to avoid within a level, such as spikes, shark filled pools and many others. You will also have to grab various bonuses that are usually hidden within the level, something that you will like for sure.

Included with the Android version of Joe Danger you will find a set of 80 different levels included within 10 tours. The game manages to bring an increasing difficulty as you play, as well as a great replayability, which means that you can easily find yourself playing the game for hours and hours upon end.

Joe Danger will have multiple characters that you can collect, around 30 of them actually, and each one has its own moves as well.

Joe Danger erapid games news

You can try to defeat your friends by having better leaderboard results and you can even try to be better and better as you engage in getting more achievements. Lastly, Joe Danger even brings a multitude of challenges, some of them on a daily basis.

As you can see, Joe Danger is set to deliver a stunt filled experience on Android devices this year! Its action packed gameplay will impress you for sure, but until then you can try out the game either on PC or iOS!

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